Best Restaurants Calle Loiza, Puerto Rico
The Best Restaurants in Calle Loiza 2021

The Ultimate Calle Loiza/Ocean Park Restaurant Guide & Map 2021

The best restaurants in Calle Loiza/Ocean Park, San Juan Puerto Rico curated by local guides.

Calle Loiza is a street in Ocean Park that has become a cultural hotspot in recent years featuring a very wide range of amazing restaurant and dining options. From food trucks and quick stops, to full fine dining experiences, Calle Loiza offers some of the best in San Juan. This is a curated list of the best restaurants in Calle Loiza from local guides who know the area. You can view the full list below and be sure to get the map for contact information, directions and additional details.

The Best Restaurants in Calle Loiza Map 2021

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The Full 2021 List of Best Calle Loiza Restaurant & Food Experiences

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Dulcesalado - Calle Loiza/Ocean Park, San Juan

Dulcesalado by Chef Atisha Pascual is located in the Tropica Beach Hotel in Ocean Park. The beautiful interior design could be described as "modern-boho" and the ambiance is clean and relaxing. The diverse Dulcesalado menu (international favorites fused with a Caribbean twist) is expertly executed  with a focus on in-season, local ingredients. The outdoor patio/beer garden area provides ample seating in a serene, candlelit oasis and the outstanding personal service is top-notch. Dulcesalado is one of the best all-around restaurants in Calle Loiza/Ocean Park & all of San Juan.

Areyto by Chef Jason Gonzales - Calle Loiza, San Juan

Areyto is on Calle Loiza and serves a very creative international menu and chef Jason Gonzales, and Areyto's staff, have done a wonderful job. The quality of the food and service is very high, the atmosphere has a true Calle Loiza feel to it (trendy, creative, progressive, etc.), and you get an amazingly high quality value per dollar experience at Areyto. Apps are around $10, entrees approximately $20, and the cocktail/wine prices are reasonable. Cocktails at Atreyu are good enough to warrant a visit in their own right, creative, diverse and really good. 

Zajori Gastro Show - Calle Loiza, San Juan

Zajori Gastro Show is a great little bistro on Calle Loiza serving a wonderful Peruvian fusion menu. The Peruvian flavors are authentic and the creative dishes are well prepared. Zajori is a great casual spot if you want some great food, in a casual bistro environment, without all the to-do (and cost: Zajiro is reasonablymoderately priced) of a fancy night out. Zajori Gastro Show is also one of the few really good Peruvian restaurants in all of Puerto Rico, that alone is enough reason to visit. It must also be mentioned that Zajiro has large fruity/margarita/mojito drinks are deserving of a spot on any Calle Loiza bar hopping outing. You can see the beautiful drinks for yourself below.

Pirilo Pizza Rustica - Calle Loiza, San Juan

Pirilo Pizza is a Puerto Rican style pizza join in Ocean Park 1 block off Calle Loiza on Calle McClearly. The original Pirilo Pizza is in Old San Juan and this new installment is just as good (there is also a location in Dorado). You will find unique pies here with a lot of local Puerto Rican and Caribbean flavor. The atmosphere is open and fun, they have a full bar, decent wines, and a solid craft beer selection. Additionally, the bartenders at Pirilo make great cocktails.... something you might not normally find at a pizza place. Pirilo is very well known and always a solid choice for pizza and good times in Calle Loiza/Ocean Park. Also a great place to grab some food to eat on the beach if you are hanging out on Ocean Beach.

Acapulco - Calle Loiza, San Juan

Acapulco is a Taco/Mexican restaurant just off Calle Loiza on Calle San Miguel. The atmosphere and crowd is always fun at Acapulco and it can get crowded so you might have to wait a bit at peak times. Acapulco is known for fresh made margaritas and great tacos. The menu isn't cheap but it's all reasonably priced and the quality of the food is worth it. The bottom floor of the restaurant is pretty tight with a few small tables but they have a covered roof deck with fans that has many large tables. If you're in the mood for tacos and margaritas then stop by Acapulco and enjoy this great family owned spot. ** Tacos Tuesdays are $2 tacos and 2x1 margaritas.

Majados Food Truck - Calle Loiza, San Juan

The Majados food truck is also known as the Jay Frank Food truck and the Chef Frank Food Truck. It is about 2 blocks off Calle Loiza on Calle Pomarrosa and it is only in this location 11AM - 5PM Friday - Sunday. The rest of the week this food truck can be found among the kioskos at Luquillo Beach. Chef Frank's food truck is amazing all the way around and if you want to try some incredible local food then definitely find this guy. He is preparing his grandmother's recipes at great prices and you will be amazed by the quality and presentation. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Molini's - Condado, San Juan

Molini's serves authentic Puerto Rican cuisine (often referred to as "creole" food) made with fresh local ingredients. The menu rotates daily based on what is in season and what is available (which is awesome). The food is VERY authentic, high quality, and well priced. Molini's is locally owned and they provide really warm, personal service. They serve solid cocktails/frozen drinks and are open for Puerto Rican style breakfast service as well. When sampling local fare this place is definitely deserving of a visit..... try the shrimp mofongo and the sangria. ** Molini's is cash only.

Pa'l West - Calle Loiza, San Juan

Pa'l West is one of the few places that made the best bars & best restaurants lists. This little tapas bar is a special place. The atmosphere is always fun and cool, the small plates are well prepared and creative, the bartenders are excellent, and the music is always trendy and upbeat. If you are looking for a large sit down meal this might not be the spot.... but if you are in the market for small plates and cocktails then Pa'l West delivers. Stop by Pa'l West and find out why it's a regular stop on everyone's Calle Loiza journey.

Loiza 2050 - Calle Loiza, San Juan

Loiza 2050 is an edgy little pizza joint and whiskey bar on Calle Loiza that serves artisanal pizzas that are among the best in San Juan. The atmosphere is trendy and fun and with pizza's like the bourbon pork pizza on coconut crust.... can you go wrong? The sangria at Loiza 2050 is great and the drinks are well prepared as well. Loiza 2050 is open until 10PM on weekdays and 12PM on weekends so stop in a get some amazing thin-crust artisanal pizza in a super-fun little spot. It's also worth mentioning that Loiza 2050 identifies as women led/LGBTQ friendly and everything from the decor to the vibe reflects this.... ++++++ in our book. **Loiza 2050 often has awesome DJs on the weekends.

Bocca Osteria Romana - Condado

Bocca is a well known Italian/Roman restaurant on Calle Loiza founded by the Salvatore brothers (who spent many years in Rome with family). Bocca is known for a relaxing dimly-lit interior, great fresh pastas, Italian wines (like borolos and barbarescos) and a very solid overall dining experience. There aren't that many restaurants in Calle Loiza/Ocean Park well suited for a romantic couples evening/date spot and Bocca helps fill that void nicely.  Bocca isn't cheap (at about $18 for pastas and $38 for the Ossobuco) but the overall experience is priced appropriately. If you are in the mood for a sit-down dinner where you can have a conversation and some great pasta, go to Bocca. **Bocca also serves a great brunch during the weekends.

Yoko - Calle Loiza, San Juan

Yoko is a sushi place on Calle Loiza that serves some of the best Sushi in Puerto Rico.... it is certainly toward the top of the list by any account. The chef here will make any traditional style sushi or sashimi you prefer (that might not be on the menu) which is a huge bonus as more traditional style sushi can be very hard to find in Puerto Rico. The fish is super fresh, the atmosphere is tasteful and clean, and Yoko delivers a wide range sushi dishes, yakisoba, pokes, and fried rices. Visit Yoko for some awesome sushi.

Silk - Calle Loiza, San Juan

Silk is a Asian/Chinese restaurant that reminds you of something you might see in Miami or New York. The dimly lit interior with Buddhas and Gleaming chandeliers sets the stage for a cool experience. The menu at Silk offers American style Chinese favorites and sushi. The atmosphere is chic, clean and provides a cool backdrop for a dining experience. Silk is also a great spot for larger groups as the inside is pretty spacious and they can generally accommodate larger tables than many restaurants in the area. 



This article was updated on April 1, 2021