The Best Shopping in Calle Loiza 2021
The Best Shopping in Calle Loiza 2021

The Ultimate Calle Loiza Shopping Guide & Map 2021

Calle Loiza is an up and coming cultural hotspot in Puerto Rico located on the northwest coast between Condado and Isla Verde (and a few blocks inland from Ocean Park). The area has a really cool edgy/artsy vibe and some great shopping options worth visiting. Additionally, if you happen to be into vintage clothing stores and shops then you are in luck, Calle Loiza has some of the best vintage shops in Puerto Rico.

The Calle Loiza/Ocean Park Shopping Map 2021

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Moni & Coli - Calle Loiza, San Juan

Moni & Coli is a beautiful little women's clothing boutique on Calle Loiza. The boutique is owned by a duo of sisters "with the goal of bringing stylish fashion and accessories to the everyday gal." They carry a wide range of dresses, jumpers, tops, bottoms, jewelry, jeans, denim, handbags, shoes and more. Some of the designers they carry: Conloque, Dala, Et Tois Paris, Colibri Collective, Nat + Noor, Primavera, Michelle Llavona, Mountain & Moon.  The style here is casual-chic and the prices are reasonable, Moni & Coli is definitely worth checking out.

Lentejuela - Calle Loiza, San Juan

Lentejuela has an amazing selection of new and vintage/pre-loved pieces curated by the owner Valerie. They carry so many things here (fine jewelry, designer jewelry, rare vintage pieces, sunglasses, bags, etc.) that you just need to visit for yourself... it's a long list. Lentejuela also inventories locally designed and created pieces and products that are unique and unusual. Stop by, browse the selection and support local designers.

LUCA - Calle Loiza, San Juan

LUCA is a women's clothing, jewelry and accessory boutique just off Calle Loiza that boasts a really unique bold/minimalist style. This fashion forward euro-feeling store has some elegant pieces and is known as a great place to find high-quality gifts (lots of unique home and gifts items) for friends and family. They also have great coffee! **We just found out that LUCA carries several local designers so shop here and support local!

Electroshock - Calle Loiza, San Juan

Electroshock is a well known vintage clothing and record store. Most of the clothing is women's but they often have some decent vintage finds for men as well. The records are plentiful and unique... a vintage record shop in Puerto Rico is always a cool experience and there are rare finds here. Electroshock also has a selection of cool items that don't fit into any real category.... check out Electroshock, it's always worth it.

Fabricated Lifestyles Vape Shop - Calle Loiza, San Juan

If you partake of the vape then Fabricated Lifestyles is for you. This vape shop is one of the best all around we have ever visited. The owner and staff are super knowledgeable, the products are high quality, and they have a great selection. They also inventory a full range of CBD supplies, RAW rolling papers, glass pipes, and flavored blunt wraps. Stop by Fabricated Lifestyles on Calle Loiza and stock up.

Playero Surf Shop - Calle Loiza, San Juan

Playero is an iconic Puerto Rican surf/lifestyle brand that inventories a wide selection of men's and women's outdoor clothing, surf boards/accessories, skateboards, swimwear, rash gaurds, etc. The item's here a are bit pricier than most but the quality is worth it if you find something you like. If you are in the market for some outdoor/surf gear then Playero should be on your list. 

Sixne Concept Store - Calle Loiza, San Juan

Sixne is an edgy (self-proclaimed "weird") mostly-men's clothing shop featuring limited edition pieces from local designers. They have some super cool and original pieces designed in Santurce that you will not find anywhere else. This shop's motto is "unique pieces for the weird ones". Visit Sixne for a completely unique experience and support some great local designers.