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The Best Restaurants in Condado 2021

The Ultimate Condado San Juan Restaurant Guide & Map 2021

The Best restaurants in Condado (San Juan) Puerto Rico curated by local guides.

Condado is a San Juan hot spot packed with great food, restaurant and dining options. This upscale beach-front neighborhood is just across the bridge from historic Old San Juan on Puerto Rico's North/East coast in the Santurce barrio of the San Juan metro area.  The luxury beach front hotel & resorts of Condado provide all the patrons needed to create an amazing foodie ecosystem. All the restaurants and food experiences you will see here are our favorite places for one reason or the other. This is a curated set of food & restaurant experiences from local guides who know the island. Be sure and get the interactive map of all the curated food, restaurant and dining experiences in Condado below.

The Best Restaurants & Food in Condado Guide Map 2021

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The Full 2021 List of Best Condado Restaurant & Food Experiences

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Jose Enrique - Condado, San Juan

Jose Enrique is known for amazing Puerto Rican Cuisine. The original location still operated in La Placita (very cool area in Santurce) and it is great as well. The specials at Jose Enrique are always solid, the food is great, and the service keeps everyone happy. Jose Enrique is known for mofongo, the giant pork chops, avacado salad and many other great foods. If you are looking for a great Puerto Rican cuisine experience in Condado then jose Enrique is always a safe bet. Jose Enrique in Condado is always crowded in the evening and sometimes earlier so prepare to wait a bit.

Atabey - Condado, San Juan

Atabey is a rare place where price, food and vibe come together. Atabey is a casual joint in Condado serving a sort-of Puerto Rican fusion menu. The open and casual vibe is easy-going and it's a perfect chill spot for food and drink that won't break the bank. Atabey also has plenty of healthy options and AMAZING house-made hot sauce (pique in the local tongue). Grab some fish tacos and chill... we love Atabey.

Semilla Kitchen & Bar - Condado, San Juan

Semilla serves a Puero Rican fusion menu and is known for great all around food in general. They have great specials and promotions regularly ($3 margaritas all day recently). Semilla also has a great brunch menu and the food quality is generally higher than comparable brunch spots in Condado.  Semilla is one of the best restaurants in Condado and a great choice for high quality food and service at a reasonable price. It get's busy, especially for brunch, so call ahead for reservations if possible.

Louisa - Condado, San Juan

Louisa serves a Puerto Rican influenced menu and is known for fantastic steaks, seafood and paella. Louisa is a little hidden gem off the main strip (Ashford Ave.) in Condado and well worth the trip. The trendy tropical interior complimented with bamboo/wood accents creates a relaxing, elegant ambiance. The service is always top-notch as well. Louisa is among the best restaurants in Puerto Rico and deserving on of a spot on any foodie's list.

Serafina San Juan Restaurant - Condado, San Juan

Serafina is in the La Concha hotel and resort and is owned by the well known Serafina Restaurant Group. Serafina serves the Italian menu that the chain is known for and this staff prepares it well. The tropical plant adorned outdoor seating with trendy music on the heavily trafficked Avshford Ave. provides a fun atmosphere and great people watching. Serafina also has a good brunch menu and decently priced sangria and mimosa specials. Serafina is a fun place to go in the heart of the Condado energy with good food, drinks and service.

Mario Pagan - Condado, San Juan

The menu is of course created by well known chef Mario Pagan and it is well executed by chef Ivan Solis. The menu has clear Puerto Rican influences (with items like lamb alcapurria & tuna tartar on tostones) but the international flare and diversity set it apart from other Pueto Rican fusion menus. Mario Pagan is true fine dining with a corresponding price tag.... you can easily hit $100 per head here with a few cocktails. Mario Pagan's interior is minimally designed with a clean elegant feel. The food is unique and very well prepared, and the service is always amazing. Mario Pagan is one of the best true fine dining experiences in all of Puerto Rico.

Pinky's Condado - Condado, San Juan

Pinky's is a great little breakfast/brunch joint on Ashford Ave. The super casual atmosphere and great prices make Pinky's a regular spot for tourists and locals alike. The fare here is pancakes, various egg creations, breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, wraps, smoothies and juices. Great tasting hearty breakfast/brunch/lunch foods that won't break the bank in a spot you can get in and out of relatively quickly.

Pico Rico BBQ - Condado, San Juan

Sometimes you just want to grab a rotisserie chicken and call it a day. Pico Rico in known for great Puerto Rican style rotisserie chicken and sides. The price is right and chicken is good... additionally Pico Rico is local family owned business and that is important to us. Whether you are on that Netflix-and-chill-in-the-hotel-room life, or on the way home, Pico Rico chicken is a solid bet for good, fast, affordable food.

Almaviva - Condado, San Juan

Almaviva is a Caribbean seafood restaurant in the heart of Condado on Ashford Ave. The beautifully decorated modern interior and bar set the stage and the food quality delivers. Almaviva bills itself as a seafood restaurant but the Ribeye and Lamb Rack are also amazing. Almaviva is fine dining and the average price is somewhere around $75 per head... this amazing fine dining experience is well worth it. Almaviva is a top-tier restaurant in Puerto Rico and deserving of foodie patronage. PS: They also have great vegetarian options.

Aulet Dairy - Condado

Aulet Dairy is unique and special. You order through the website and then pick-up on Saturday 10AM - 1PM at the Condado location. This artisanal ice cream shop creates wonderful small batch, artisanal ice creams using fresh local ingredients. They use local milk from pasture grazing cows free of RBST and antibiotics, and their eggs come directly from Aibonito, Puerto Rico. Aulet Dairy rotates the menu weekly and the flavors are diverse and unique. If you are visiting Puerto Rico then order by Wednesday and pick it up on Saturday. Enjoy this amazing ice ice cream and support a creative local business. You view this week's menu and order here:

Cool Hope Creamery & Breakfast - Condado, San Juan

Ice cream brunch anyone? Sorbet Mimosas? Yes please. Cool Hope Creamery & Breakfast is a breakfast/brunch/ice cream spot with hearty classic breakfast foods, small batch ice creams, and yes... sorbet mimosas. Cool Hope's small batch ice cream is well known and many people's favorite. The atmosphere is very casual and the prices are reasonable. Get the brunch, try the mimosas, eat some ice cream and support a super-creative locally owned business.





This article was updated on March 8, 2021