Best Bars, Clubs & Nightlife in Puerto Rico

The Best Bars, Clubs & Nightlife in Puerto Rico

It's no secret that Puerto Rican's love to have a good time..... it's one of the main things that attracted me to the island when I moved here many years ago. The culture on the island doesn't revolve around work, world events, or anything else outside of generally having a good time and creating memorable experiences. We have curated our favorite bars, clubs, nightlife venues, live music venues/concerts, and anything else that's relevant. 

A Few Things to Keep in Mind:
  • PR Is 18 To Drink - If you are 18-20 then you are good to go. If you are a bit older and maybe don't want to party with college kids you might want to do some research ++++. A few places like La Factoria in Old San Juan are 21+ but must are 18+ to enter. 
  • Chichaito - A local Puerto Rican shot made from anise liquor and rum. Very strong and oh so good. Try it.
  • Pitorro - Basically a local moonshine rum. Many places in Puerto Rico have thier own version and it's a treat to get to try them all. So many flavors: mango, coconut, guayaba, pistachio, etc. Casa Vieja in the mountains around Cialis has my favorite... it's pistachio... it will stain anything it touches FOREVER... and it's totally amazing.
  • Fresh, Natural Juices - Puerto Rican's are into fresh juices in the cocktails and drinks. Ask if they have fresh juices and try some. Mango, coconut water, passion fruit and pink grapefruit are common and many places have additional options as well. Pro tip: Try Don Q Limon with pink grapefruit juice (toronja rosada in Spanish) and a squeeze of lime. My wife's friend invented this one and they call it "Happy Juice".... it definitely makes them happy and it's a great drink.

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Old San Juan

The Ultimate Old San Juan Bar, Club & Nightlife Guide & Map 2021

Old San Juan knows how to party... no doubt about it. You might catch some of the biggest Latin American stars in the world in a random show in La Perla, or stumble into an all night raver at La Factoria. Wine bars, lounges and many other chill options exist as well. From mild to wild.... Old San Juan delivers. Be sure and check out the full interactive map below to ensure your next Old San Juan bar-hopping outing realizes it's maximum potential :)

This article was updated on February 23, 2021